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  • Asteroids and ore EVE University Wiki

    In general, the rarer the ore, the higher its volume per unit (e.g. one unit of Veldspar has a volume of 0.1 m 3, whereas one unit of Arkonor has a volume of 16 m 3). Since mining lasers mine a given volume of ore per minute, it takes longer to mine the rarer ore types. Additionally, each ore reprocesses into a different set of minerals.

  • Eve Online Ore Mining Guide Saarith

    2019-06-12· Starting an Ore Mining Career in Eve Online. In Eve Online there are three forms of mining, the others being ice harvesting and gas harvesting and while they overlap to a degree they each have their specialties. In this guide, I focus on ore mining which is the type of mining that most players start out with so this can be considered as a beginners guide to Eve Online mining.

  • Ore Chart EVE Online Guide Thonky

    In EVE, ore is the source of minerals, which are very valuable. Veldspar and Scordite can be found anywhere (just make sure that your Overview settings include all asteroid types!) But where do you have to go to find the other asteroid types? This chart will tell you. Find out what minerals are in each asteroid type and read the EVE Online

  • How do I find specific kinds of ore? EVE Online Message

    "I tried to say that I know that there is probably a website that tells you where to find ore, but dont want to alt+tab every 3 seconds." This is just a total aside, since Westmarch appears to have covered it pretty well, but there's an in-game browser for just this kind of thing, should the need arise.

  • Ore Table for EVE Online

    Cerlestes' Ore Table is a daily updated, highly informative and easy-to-read source of information about mining in the EVE Online universe.

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    Eve-online Main News Dev Blog Patch Notes FanSite News Live Broadcast HD Stream Videos PVP Fleet Battles DaOpa YT Vids Databases LP Stores DB Moon Ore DB PI DB T3 Ships DB Wormholes WH Systems Directory Index EVE Store Forums General Guides & Info EVE DB Open Topics Static Corp Board of Directors Recruits Forum RSS Feed

  • Eve Online Ore Chart streetdirectory

    The first thing to be aware of is that ore is a basic material that can be found in the asteroid fields that you will encounter in EVE. There are various types of ores, but they are unusable until they have been refined into the minerals that compose them, much like mining in real life.

  • EVE Online: No Game for Solo Player? YouTube

    2018-08-30· Is there a place for solo gameplay in EVE Online or is it bad for an MMO? Weigh in with your comments. Become Reload Crew channel member Get extra 250,000 skill points when

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    All artwork, screenshots, characters, vehicles, storylines, world facts or other recognizable features of the intellectual property relating to these trademarks are likewise the intellectual property of CCP hf. CCP hf. has granted permission to to use EVE Online and all associated logos and designs for promotional and information

  • Issues, Workarounds & Localization Eve Online

    2014-01-02· Hi there. I have an issue regarding where Eve Online gets installed on a Windows computer. First let me give a little bit of context so that my self-interested complaining doesn't come across as totally irrelevant and unimportant:

  • "Eve Online": Complete Ore Mining Guide LevelSkip

    2019-08-04· The activity of mining is often the very first thing players in "Eve Online" try their hands on to earn money. Here is a comprehensive guide to follow, from the first moments at the ore field, onward.

  • Mineral Chart EVE Online Guide Thonky

    For each type of ore in EVE online, there are three types of asteroids (small, medium, and large), and each type of ore contains different minerals. Find out from these charts which asteroids are the best, and which ore contains which minerals. Find out where to find asteroids in EVE Online and read the EVE Online mining guide.

  • ore compressing Science & Industry EVE Online Forums

    2016-10-01· Many systems have one or more astrahus or fortizar structures in the overview. Show info on these to see if reprocessing is offered as a service. If it is, you can compress there. Or there is also a structure browser in the Neocom under Business.

  • EVE Online Ore Chart

    Contact Grismar ingame with feedback.. Find systems to mine specific ores at ORE Map ().MMI prices refreshed semi-daily from Q Hegemony ().. Thanks to Silas Genovese, Taffer, Byron Rich, Nanos and Segmentation Fault for their input.

  • ORE EVE Online Ships

    ORE was originally a fledgling Gallentean company, but struck gold when they found extremely rich Nocxium asteroid belts in the Outer Ring region. When the Gallente Federation tried to force ORE to reveal the location of the asteroid fields the company left Gallentean space and set up base in the Outer Ring region. They used their massive

  • Intro Guide To Mineral Compression, Part 1 (EVE Online Guide)

    Unlike in EVE Online's high-security space, there are generally fairly few miners in low- and null-sec, and these are far more likely to use their minerals than to sell them on the market. Oftentimes, there are some small local supplies of minerals produced on a market, as ratting players refine their loot and sell the result, or players get rid of leftovers.

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    2016-04-29· The EVE Online review looks at a game about political intrigue, slaying whales, and suffering while spinning your Talwar in station. Support the channel at:

  • Are there any websites that list loadouts / fittings for

    Are there any websites that list loadouts / fittings for ships similar to Battle Clinic? Hi, I am a returning player to EVE, and I remember there used to be Battle Clinic where I can find loadouts for different ships but from checking their website, it seems they are no longer in operation.

  • Mining EVE University Wiki

    Mining is the activity of extracting ore from asteroids, though it is also used to describe ice harvesting and more rarely, gas cloud harvesting. Once extracted, ore can then be refined into minerals. These refined substances are used in the production and maintenance of all player-created items and structures in EVE, such as ships and modules

  • Eve Online Play the Free Record-Breaking Space Sandbox

    Fly spaceships, fight and explore together in EVE Online, the free space MMO game set in a vast online Sci-Fi sandbox.

  • There’s Ore in Them Thar Moons EVE Online

    There’s Ore in Them Thar Moons Hello again industrious capsuleers. It’s time for another Refinery and moon mining dev blog from your friendly neighborhood Team Five 0. Today’s blog will discuss the way moon composition, moon material distribution and moon surveying

  • The Seven Most Useful Web Sites For EVE Online

    Top Ten EVE-Related Web Sites. One of the most important tools in the a successful EVE Online player's toolbox are EVE-related web sites. A good suite of EVE-related sites can save you a ton of labor, keep you informed about political events, let you know how best to adapt to game changes, and to instruct yourself in new areas of the game.

  • Are There Any EVE Online Cheats? streetdirectory

    EVE is one of the hardest MMOs to cheat at, and attempting EVE Online cheats is a surefire way to get your account shut down and your characters nuked. There are two primary methods of doing EVE Online cheats. The first is buying ISK (the in game currency) offline and having it transferred to your account. However, CCP cracks down on this hard

  • selling raw ore :: EVE Online General Discussions

    2017-02-25· Ship it to a trade hub and right click on the or and select sell. You can choose to sell it immediately (if there is an order available) or put it on the market for up to 90 days. I highly suggest you compress the ore at any player owned station that does refinement, this makes it easier to ship in bulk and generally increases the value of the ore.

  • EVE Online EVE Insider Forums

    2005-10-14· 0.0 any and all ore types. The best quality hemo and hedbergite lays around like a common street walker. The best Jaspet becomes a trash ore to be neglected as a tertiary target for your strip miners. Generally the further the number of jumps from an empire sector the better the quality of the ore. (Velds start looking like small planets out there)

  • Unable to Log Into Account or Update Launcher EVE Online

    Uninstall the current files. Go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, find EVE Online and press Uninstall. Don't worry, your client settings will not be wiped by this operation. Verify that the program directory matches with the installation folder you were looking at earlier. Run the EveLauncher.exe that you downloaded earlier. After you've

  • EVE Online EVE Insider Forums

    2010-05-08· HI, Any tips for getting my hands on Megacyte for manufacturing purposes? I have taken a look at the ore maps and can see that the relevant roids grow in some of the out of the way systems, obviously I dont want to take a hulk down there, should I nip in and out in a cruiser with small amounts?

  • What to mine? INN EVE Online News

    Almost as important as the decision of which ship to mine in is what you should mine. Much of the time people mine and then refine their ore into minerals and either sell the minerals or use them in industry, but some people choose to just sell ore as without good refining skills much of the value of the ore is lost in refining waste.

  • Mining ships: from the Venture to the Rorqual INN

    Mining Barges and Exhumers. There are three groups of mining barges and exhumers each group has a T1 and a T2 variant (the barge and exhumer respectively), and each group has a speciality; tank, ore hold size, and mining yield.